8 Nisan 2015 Çarşamba

iZombie'den güzellemeler

Life's short and then you die. And then... then you have make some decisions. You can skulk around, lamenting all that you've lost, trying to keep yourself numb and isolated. Or you can embrace who you are. [1.bölümden]

The passionate mind is selfish. It's so focused on what it desires, reason becomes background noise. Javier's brain made me cross the line that divides what I long for and what I can never have. There were so many nights I could have been with Major that I stayed home studying. Days I could have spent sucking the morrow out of life, I spent building a resume for a life I'd never have. There were parts of me that were dead even before I became a zombie. So maybe that means it's possible for parts of me to spring to life, even now that I'm dead. [2.bölüm Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?'den]

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